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Patricia Manners

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To the Catholic Church. That they will recognise the words of St John Paul:
"All animals have souls and were created equal to human beings."
Let all animals be blessed in the church, and that people will treat them more humanly, body and soul, and recognise their rights in this world, and that the church will remember St. Francis, St. Ignatus and other saints who believed animals go back to their creator. So please sign my petition. It's time we stood up to the catholic church leaders in this country and let them know how we feel about our animals, and it's time they admitted that they have been wrong about all animals, and read the bible which will convince them that they have been wrong about animals not having souls all this time.

In loving memory our beloved pets, Louie Cassie and William

Thank you.

Patricia D'Amiral Manners.



May 7
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