Illinois GOP Chairman Pat Brady should resign

Frank Napolitano
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Dear Friends,


The Illinois Center Right Coalition recently passed the following resolution requesting the resignation of Illinois Republican Chairman, Pat Brady. Please sign this petition in support of this resolution and the request for Chairman Brady to resign.


Frank Napolitano

The text of the ICRC Resolution reads as follows:

WHEREAS the election laws of the State Of Illinois have been ‘engineered’ to greatly impair the opportunity for third party / independent candidates for office and

WHEREAS the Democratic Party of the State of Illinois has a party platform which the ICRC cannot support and

WHEREAS the platform for the Republican Party of the State of Illinois aligns closely with the ICRC platform; the Steering Committee of the ICRC promotes and supports primarily Republican candidates for office and

WHEREAS The lack of effective leadership within the Illinois GOP has had an economic impact resulting in the loss of thousands of Illinois jobs due to a Democratic majority (with the aid of Republican crossovers) implementing excessive laws, rules, regulations, mandates and taxes on Illinois Commerce and Illinois' citizens and

WHEREAS the appointments of some additional Republican candidates for State Office were openly thwarted by Officers of the Illinois Republican Party and

WHEREAS thirty nine Democrats ran unopposed for the State Legislature and eighteen Democrats ran unopposed for the State Senate and

WHEREAS the lack of good Republican candidates resulted in complete Democratic veto proof majorities in the Illinois General Assembly and the Illinois Senate

WHEREAS the Chairman of the Illinois GOP used donated money to advertise a Vote By Mail campaign while other Republicans were educating voters on the subject of absentee voter election fraud and

WHEREAS the Chairman of the Illinois GOP could only offer the following reason for a liberal election tsunami in Illinois: “We’ve got to get over this caricature of us as being a bunch of angry people standing in the way of everything.”1

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the members of the Illinois Center Right Coalition call for the immediate resignation of the Chairman of the Illinois Republican Party.


For more information, contact ICRC Chairman, Frank Napolitano, (630) 440-6890





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