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It is a "Felony" if you are found in anyway using another person's personal identification without their written or verbal consent. These days, we call that, "Identity Theft." A identity theft charge can land you in jail for up to 25 years depending on the charge.

A single female who is not married can give birth to an "Outside of Wedlock" baby in a hospital without the supposed biological father present. With no supposed biological father present at the time of birth, the female writes down any male's name on a birth certificate she thinks is the baby's biological father. The female has no medical nor legal proof the male's name she included on the birth certificate is the actual biological father.

Stop! According to the law, she is committing "I.D. Theft" which is fraud, which is a felony. The female is committing fraud and a felony because she did not have legal consent from the supposed biological father to include his name on a birth certificate. Furthermore, the female has no medical nor legal proof to include additional names on a birth certificate, only her own name. And the hospital is a liable participate and an accessory to this form of "Identity Theft" crime.

Thousands of paternity cases go to court annually just to find out the female wrote down the wrong male on the birth certificate and still did not locate the biological father's whereabouts costing U.S. tax payers millions of dollars annually in welfare benefits being paid to support females and their "Outside of Wedlock" newborns.

The state and federal government continue to award these females with tax payer funded state & federal programs such as health benefits, free legal counsel, food stamps, money, housing and a list of other incentives to a female who is clearly negligent and engaging in unprotected sexual intercourse with multiple partners.

This dysfunction and negligence must be stopped. As citizens of the United States we must begin to do our part in helping cut cost so the U.S. National Debt Deficit can begin too be paid down not continue to create more debt due to thousands of individuals who are using the welfare system just because they can.

Please sign the Pass "Paternity I.D. Theft" Bill petition so we can put an end to this dysfunctional approach when birthing an innocent life into existence. Paternity I.D. Theft Law is defined as follows, a female, a male, any person, individual, family, group, for profit entity, non-profit entity or any party associated to the birth of a child does not have written nor verbal legal rights to include any person's personal or private information on a newborn's birth certificate without the written or verbal authorization from the supposed biological defendant too do so.

If a female, a male, any person, individual, family, group, for profit entity, non-profit entity, or any party associated to the birth of a child does include another individuals personal or private information on a birth certificate without the legal consent of the supposed biological defendant has broken a law titled, "Paternity I.D. Theft" Law and will be tried in a court of law for a felony based on Paternity I.D. Theft. The "Paternity I.D. Theft" Law applies to all females giving birth and to all paternity cases.

The punishment for breaking the law can be a 25 year sentence in prison. If the female is a multiple offender her sentencing length increases. Multiple offender means a female has given birth to more than one child and not able to legally prove who the biological father is at the time of birth. Now due to the amount of years a female could spend in prison females across the U.S. will not engage in unprotected sexual intercourse with multiple partners due to running the risk of facing a lengthy jail sentence. Parenting use too be a joint venture between two consenting adults who were married at the time of pregnancy. For the better or worse, we now live in a different era, more and more children are born "Outside of Wedlock" and parented by one parent or become foster children.

By passing this bill into law, this law will help cut down on the amount of newborns being born "Outside of Wedlock."

Passing this bill into law will help clean up America, will help adopt better relationship decision making amongst males and females regarding the risks of unprotected sexual intercourse, the risk of pregnancy and whether or not they are both committed to becoming a parent before the female is pregnant.

Males who are found to be the biological father years later after the birth of the child have their wages garnished immediately. If a male does not pay child support, the male is threatened with jail time. Males must abide by laws or face consequences for their dysfunctional, negligent actions.

The point about the "Paternity I.D. Theft" Law is, if you do not have legal authorization from the supposed biological father to place his name on a birth certificate at the time of birth then you are committing an identity theft felony classified as "Paternity I.D. Theft" Law.

It is time to spread awareness amongst our family, friends, city, state and federal representatives regarding this issue. In order to clean up America, we must all hold ourselves accountable for our actions, abide by the laws, if we break a law then we must face the consequences this includes both females and males.

Please sign the petition because we are taking this all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court.

Help stop the dysfunction when birthing an innocent life into existence.

Pass the "Paternity I.D. Theft" Bill into LAW today!

Thank you for your support!





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