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Parking For Leith Residents

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Every time there is a football match played at Easter Road, I can never park outside my own house. I think it's disgraceful that I (like many others) have to pay to park outside their own houses. We pay bills, we pay council tax, we pay taxes. And we pay for our parking permits. Today finished it for me. I drove away from my house, came back not ten minutes later. Every single parking space on Brunswick Road and Mongtomery Street was taken up. I managed to squeeze my car in on Elgin Street. However, this is me taking up someone else's space, most likely someone who lives on Elgin Street. So what's the point? First of all, I'm paying to park outside my house own. Fair? No, but I do it anyway. I need my car for work, for family, for everything. Is it fair that I pay for this and yet everytime there's a football match on, the space that I pay for is taken up? Now, I know that this is not just me. There's probably tens of people who live on Easter Road, Brunswick Road, Edina Street, Allanfield, Allanfield Place, Elgin Terrace, Edina Place, Bothwell Street, Albion Road, Albion Terrace, Albion Place, Albion Gardens who are sick and tired of having nowhere to park because their spaces are taken up by fans coming to watch the game. So what should be done? More parking spaces for fans? I don't know. What I want done is simple. Cordone off areas where fans can't park i.e. outside residential homes. I know when I moved to Leith and ended up near Easter Road that I would have to deal with some noise from the stadium. That's fine, I can deal with that. But it's not fair that I can't park outside my house, especially when I have to pay for it. If I can get 100 signatures (at least, hopefully!), I'm going to send this to the Edinburgh Council and request that allocated parking should be inforced during match times as residents find it difficult to park. I actually don't use my car during match times as I know that I won't find a space when I come back. Is this fair for a resident who pays to park?

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