Get \"Parker Lewis Can\'t Lose\" on DVD

Dara Moss
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Columbia Tri-Star isn\'t sure if there\'s enough of a fanbase to release sitcom \"Parker Lewis Can\'t Lose\" on DVD. Let\'s show them there is. It\'s really simple. If you were ever a fan of this show, sign here. If you would buy or rent these episodes on DVD, sign here. If you miss Parker, Mikey, Jerry, Miss Musso, and Kubiac, sign here. Please tell friends about this petition! We need hundreds of signatures!


Just some people who don\'t want to see Columbia Tristar make Parker Lewis LOSE.


Check out the show\'s spot on IMDB: Entertainment Weekly has published the link to this petition. Check out page 8 of issue 797 (Lindsay Lohan on the cover). It\'s in the blue area called \"I Want My DVD!\" Or check out this link: