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Make Paris Hilton serve her DUI sentence!

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Despite the fact that most of these petitions and their signatures are likely not legally binding or addressed to any certain individual in the long run, this will be in the general regard to Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger. Please listen to reason and deny the Free Paris Hilton petition\'s creator\'s request. It is unfair to the rest of the citizens of the United States to allow a single person to be above the law for the reason of doting irrational people. Paris Hilton, like everybody else should not be pardoned from ANY law. As shown in the previous year even celebrities posess the ability to kill while driving. People have been in fatal accidents for less than a hamburger, and in Paris\' case, the chance that she could have been involved in an accident was no less than any ordinary drunken man\'s. The creator of the FREE PARIS HILTON Petition himself agrees that Paris was not sober when she was pulled over. Though her alcohol intake that night is disputed, she has been proven guilty of driving under the influence and admitted that she was sorry for this in a desperate plea of guilt to get off thet hook. Sadly, a person with such poor moral integrity like Paris Hilton is a role model to thousands, if not millions of people around the globe. Allowing her to get off of her responsibilities will only reinforce the idea that driving despite \"just a couple beers!\" is perfectly acceptable. For these people to believe that just a little drinking won\'t hinder their driving abilities is inexcusable in itself. Rational people everywhere should agree, Paris Hilton is guilty as charged and for her sentence to be pardoned for the reasoning of being an \"American celebrity and socialite\" is ridiculous. Providing supposed \"beauty and excitement to (most of) our otherwise mundane lives\" is an insult to the American public and is no reason for any drunk driver to get off scott free by any means.


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