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Appeals of Concerned Parents - "Say No to the crudely plan NS!"

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To : The Honourable Prime Minister of Malaysia
cc. ABC, Director of the NS Program
As concerned parents with children likely could be selected for National Service ( NS) some time in the future, we are deeply concerned with the due performance of the program. 

Till date,  we are still disappointed  to see such programs have been  mired with cases of rape, molestation, racial brawl, abusive rules and ‘accidental’ deaths of the children amongst all, top the list of  bereavement of  the loved ones!

General perceptions believe it mainly due to poor guidance and/or the nonchalant attitudes of  the camp authority, and the list goes on.

Having said that, we are convinced that there are still rooms for improvement!  As the concerned parents, in order to be rest assured of the safeties of our beloved children, the faithful commitment of the authority in connection to such program is in dire need!  Hence we will propose as follows:-

  1. More serious medical examinations be conducted and be made compulsory for all NS candidates. This is to prevent potential trainees who have chronic disease or inherent disease will not escape the diagnosis prior to the admission to the respective camps. The present practice of allowing the trainees to show prove of medical check up is not suffice ;  
  2.  We request that the physical exercise regime be reviewed. Some of these deaths are related to cardio-pulmonary problems which were probably triggered by physical over -stress. We need to be aware that many of these children have not previously done any strenuous work and to train them with hectic manoeuvre to sweat their guts out may end up causing fatigue and worst still, death! 
  3. The trainers must ensure that they received enough training before they are fielded to train the freshly ignorant trainees.  The incident of the trainees and the trainer altogether found to be  lost in the jungle was just more than a joke, should there be any unwanted tragedy falling upon the gone astray kids in the thick jungle with which a habitat for poisonous snakes and wild animals;
  4. Insurance coverage should be uplifted to ensure no pittance is to be paid to the traumatized family any of them have their children embroiled into unwanted mishaps, and loss of lives!

However, in the event all such remedial actions fail to put right the performance of such NS Program, and misfire, the Government should consider to waive or to stop for good the continuation of such non-beneficial project which only causes more fears factor than the compassion pertinent to the call  of our honourable Prime Minister for a ‘caring society’!

Last but not least, as a general referendum, better gain of result will be achieved if such program were to be planned together with the school curricular activities and/or sports in a safer venue couple with proper guidance under the school management.
Thank you for your anticipation and kind consideration in due course.
Yours faithfully,
The Undersigned,

Concerned Parents:-


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