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  • Only seaworthy vessels properly registered or documented and under their own power will be admitted to berthing areas.
    • The Vessel TANTRA cannot make way under its own power and was towed into the Palm Bay Club Marina about six months ago. The Vessel TANTRA shows NO CURRENT FLORIDA REGISTRATION or FEDERAL DOCUMENTATION. These are a flagrant violation of the first rule set forth above. * Remove the EYESORE
  • All Owners must maintain their vessels in a state of constant readiness for movement in case of emergencies, such as a fire, or evacuation in the event of a hurricane. Owners of vessels whose propulsion machinery is inoperative for a period in excess of forty-eight (48) hours must notify the Marina Manager immediately and inform him of the action being taken to place the vessels machinery in operation as soon as possible. The Marina Manager or his designee may temporarily reassign or relocate these vessels
    • Six months after arrival of the vessel TANTRA it still cannot move under its own power. This presents a clear danger to the safety of the PBC/M in case of FIRE or emergencies. In addition, the PBC/M’s rules state that a boat must able to vacate the marina when a hurricane warning is posted. The marina’s insurance coverage might be compromised if our carrier is aware that damage was caused by an inoperable vessel. * Remove the EYESORE
  • It shall be the responsibility of the Owners to keep their vessels in such condition that they do not become unsightly or dilapidated.
    • The Vessel TANTRA, owned by the PBT Board President. Is an obvious EYESORE per the rule noted above. For anyone who has vision Its presence in the PBC/Marina hurts the image of the Marina and does irreparable damage to the PBC/M’s FIRST CLASS status and consequent degrading of rates that can be charged. The overwhelming majority of property owners do NOT own a boat and this classless affront to the property at large and in particular the entry and exit, stands as a constant reminder of an occupant who continues to disregard and ignore the rules to all of our detriment! *Remove the EYESORE
  • The use of charcoal burners, gas welders, gas torches, or any open flame-producing equipment, except within the vessel (e.g.; cook stoves, lamps, lateens) is prohibited.
    • TIKI TORCHES with OPEN FLAMES are NO ALLOWED. This is a basic Rule of Marina safety. If that were not enough, they are on FULL DISPLAY on the PBC/M’s FUEL DOCK that TANTRA shares.

Of course they are a “welcoming” sight to the PBC/M much like a set from Gilligan’s Island or Hawaii Five-O. A very classy presentation to our residents, guest and potential clients looking for an exclusive venue for their Yacht! *Remove the EYESORE

*** Conclusion: Please show your support by signing the “REMOVE the EYESORE” electronic petition and get rid of this unsightly and dilapidated vessel from under our noses!

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