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Guardian Power Abuse

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This petition is in protest of the abuse of power displayed by the rule enforcers of the online community known as Furcadia, referred to as and known to common players as Guardians. An alarming trend has been occuring lately, as the Guardians are abusing their power and exploiting it in questionable manners. Players who request the assistance of a Guardian in a severe or important situation, which requires immediate or longterm resolve such as character theft, hacking attempts, and threats, are often given the run around with no real resolve. Some Guardians may indeed file a complaint in some cases, but the majority of reports are never followed up nor does the player receive feedback of any kind. In most cases, Guardians abuse their privledge of banning by using it on players whom slightly or entirely block dreams, paths, and roads instead of the individuals who require and justify the need for such punishment for actions such as character theft, harassment, and threats. When attempting to discuss these situations and matters with an open mind and on a one-on-one approach, the Guardians often display a lack of open mindedness and demonstrate this by replying with no logical explanation for their actions, merely implying they were justified to do so because the Guardians felt it was right or it was held as their opinion. In most cases, the Guardians ignore views and opinions held as unpopular or wrong in the opinion of the Guardian Council. This petition does not apply to all Guardians, only some, and we realize as with everything, you have the good and the bad. We understand Furcadia has rules and they must be obeyed, but why is such instrumental power, intended to enforce the rules fairly, given to those who have egos and find gratification in abusing their power in some cases We believe every player has a right to persue an enjoyable online experience while aknowledging and obeying the rules without fear of being bullied and intimidated by ones whom are supposed to be helping them. In order to make Furcadia an enjoyable online experience for all players, these tendencies and injustices must be halted. It is the goal of this petition to demonstrate that stricter guildlines and longterm evaluations should be implicated when choosing those who will enforce the rules and have so much power over those around them.


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