Overton Ridge Community - Gated / Security Cameras.

4 Signatures Goal: 208

All those in favor of further investigating the possibility of having a gated entry and security cameras installed, please vote YES. All those against, please vote NO.

 Please keep in mind, this is only being done as a measuring tool to forward to John Lisenbee (President of Overton Ridge HOA). If the community shows the support, John can then take further action and contact the City of Keller, gate companies etc., to see what then would have to take place in order to move forward.

 If after further investigation it is deemed a "real" possibility, we will have John forward the details of the plan going forward and will take another vote to finalize whether or not there will be an installation of the gate / security cameras for Overton Ridge.

 Please type your name and e-mail address below and write in the comment section "I Vote YES or I Vote NO", followed by your HOME ADDRESS. 

Example:  I Vote YES - 123 Apple Street





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