Congessional term limits

Joseph Regina
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Senate and House term Limits: The long over do of congressional term limits though federal law. The house and senate no longer folloe the will of the people. The pork belly bills passing through congress due to political lobby and personal interests will no longer be acceptable to the will of the people. This proposal is brought about due to the lobbyist and special interest groups which are allowed to influence our politicians though incentives for them directly or indirectly to family members and will not stop.The prevention of these lobbyists and special interest groups to influence our congess can longer be watched/controlled when the politician themselves are in the pockets of these groups in some form.This is no longer acceptable and this has become an increasing issue for some time. It must stop and the signing of this petition will begin to make this a reality. We will not wait for the political powers to govern there own activities any longer or be influence by outside forces.( This is like a thief policing a thief to prevent stealing again!)





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