Overcoming the stigma "Saint Louis the most dangerous city in America"

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Dear Heavenly Father, please show me if I can get enough signatures by May 4, 2014. This petition is to :1) No Illinoisans to work in Saint Louis City, County due to the difference in belief systems of KKK virtues and captivity of economic resources being taken back to Illinois rather to and for the people of Saint Louis, Missouri City and County, which the NPR states is causing 60,000 people to be hungry. Therefore causing an incredible increase in criminal activity due to lack of work, lack of homes and lack of food. Therefore causing the educational systems are decreased in revenue, quality and service. Increasing census in hospitals pornographic services - prostitution, sex slaves and prisons..
2) Pastors or either being forced to place their congregation members to be perverted which Psalm 2 is against. Or the church is soliciting the help of the others to pervert its congregation and their families. Therefore, causing more kids to be abducted and forced into homosexuality. These pastors are looking to achieve a higher demonic/satanic/wizardry presence in their lives through sexual promiscuity. This is why God says sex is only blessed with married spouse or to be married spouse. Outside of the institution of marriage God does not receive any benefit. Pentecostal pastors dying everyday from playing with serpents. 3)What does the sermon given by David Blunt of Church on the Rock, how he bribes hiring managers and human resources departments to track the employment information to control them. That information should be private. Lord, yesterday there was a new Amber alert for a missing child, this time this child was in Texas. But Lord when I went home and I see billboards in Oklahoma of women, white or black...says human trafficking call this number to stop...There is not a thing being done in congress, in the church nor in the police stations.Except maybe these are the people doing it. Lord please reveal, because Your word says in Titus 1:1"God's elected officials" In Titus 1:11 it says "Do not subvert whole households"subvert means"do not corrupt". do not bring them in to poverty. This same activity is associated with the closing of two major corporations in Saint Louis County leaving 70,000 people desperate and hungry. NPR shows there are 70,000 people hungry in the Saint Louis County alone due to the closing of 1 auto plant in Fenton, Missouri and another auto plant in Hazelwood, Missouri. These corporations were never replaced. Amen!




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    Dora Owens
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