Out of Control Chicken & Cat Population in Upcountry Maui; done by one individual.

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Out of Control Chicken and Cat Population in Upcountry Maui

Done by one individual.

Stop this individual from constant breeding of chickens and cats. The population is out of control in upcountry Maui. Stop the colonizing of chickens and cats. This individual has been breeding these animals and letting them go. We hear ads on the radio to be a responsible pet owner and spay or neuter your pets. What’s going on here?

Don’t get us wrong; we have cats, love cats and have spent a lot of money on our cats. Just to give you an idea, I had a cat over 20years old. All of our cats are fixed and have the chip in them.

Yesterday, someone left our gate open and our two dogs got out. Nakita is 9yrs old; a pedigree blue eyed Siberian husky. Odis Buckwheat is a black lab healer mix about 1 1/2yrs old. Nakita has been tied up most of her life, never let loose. If she was spotted out of our property, it was not done intentionally. She broke her cable, got off the leash or snuck out the gate as we drive out. Recently, we enclosed our yard with a wire fence and a gate by the driveway. According to this individual our dogs killed 3 kittens on the vacant lot next door. We believe they may have mistaken them for chickens. We are dealing with a lot of wild cats and chickens. We were cited 4 times for leash law and we need to appear in court on Oct. 20, 2011. Both Nakita and Buckwheat will be present if allowed in court. We want to present this petition to the judge in hopes that this will stop the constant out of control population of chickens and cats done by this individual. If we are responsible for our dogs, this individual should be responsible for the damages we have received. Over the past 20 plus years, we have dealt with this individual’s constant breeding of chickens and cats. The chickens have ruined our yard and attacked our grand son at age 2. The cats, which were fed at the corner end and along side of this vacant lot, will attack you if you tried to catch them. Why were they fed there? The constant seeing of chickens, chicken poop on our driveway, and cat spray especially around our cottage has cause extensive damage to our property! This is not only a health hazard! Did these chickens damage your property like they did ours?

Last, I would like all to know: my pig that I raised from a baby was also killed shot by this one individual. Avo (our pig) would have been released back to where she came from had she not been shot. Her pen was getting too small as she grew. She was shot in front of our son while he played outside.

We asked for your signature if you believe this situation is a health hazard, out of control or if you were affected by this too. You are more than welcome to come and support our two dogs on October 20, 2011 @ 8:30am. Courtroom 3D.

Courtwill continue in November.Please check blog.

Mahalo for your support!


Dinah and Robert Douglas @ 59 Malanani Dr. Kula, Maui, HI 96790 (808) 878-6550


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