Pine Gap, Ousting America.

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Pine Gap situated close to Alice Springs, has been controversial from its beginnings. It is American soil on Australian Territory, used as a satellite tracking/spy base by both stated American and Australian operations. Admittedly the source of American Drone warfare and respectively, the hub of world Tyranny forewarned and exposed lovingly by 'Midnight Oil' and Peter Garrett in their debut song, "US Forces". As a Butt! centring an Australian ashtray, surrounded by a sea of blue carpet. If you care for all Australian citizens world peace and sovereignty, you ought and should sign this petition. As WWIII is just around the corner. Australia will pay the price if American Government revenue and operations is not stalled, and removed from our priceless great southern land. Presently overrun by America's War machine plans, and the one and only base obvious to view. That will be a target over the coming years by many a nations wrath. Please SEE MORE below...

Location: 23°47’47″S, 133°44’22″E
Pine Valley, Alice Springs, Northern Territory, Australia



Midnight Oil, US Forces. YouTube 'film clip' (ashtray scene)

"Pine Gap drives US drone kills" July 21 2013 article

"Australian outback station at forefront of US spying arsenal" July 26 2013 article

Pine Gap: "Australia's most secretive location" July 29 2013 article




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