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Our Rights, Our Lights, Our Choice

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US legislation has concluded that they are going to PERMANENTLY ban and stop all production of the incandescent light bulb. As human beings, it is OUR CHOICE and OUR RIGHT as to which light bulb we want to use. As American citizens and FREE consumers, we are entitled to choose. The use of alternative sources of light and energy-saving options need to remain with the people, not the Government. There is a place for all forms of technology and it is not the responsibility of the US government to make the judgment as to what can and cannot be used. It is a violation of our Constitutional rights, and we need to speak up. Even for those who want to save energy, this is important as well. We ALL need to have a right to choose what we believe will be best for us. This petition is to speak out against the laws that ban the production of the incandescent light bulb in order to preserve OUR RIGHT TO CHOOSE. If we let legislation make this decision for us, where will they stop? The same technology that is behind the incandescent light bulb is also behind things such as the oven, stove top, toaster, clothes dryers, curling iron , hair dryer...etc. If the issue is saving energy and reducing the production of heat, then why aren't all these common household appliances an issue? All these produce an enormous amount of heat and use up far more energy than the light bulb. Are they really trying to save energy? There IS a problem with energy extravagance but the light bulb is not the problem. Why haven't they allowed energy saving technology that has been around for years to be marketed? Such as water powered engines, electric cars, and who knows what else which could benefit mankind. We know of several engineers personally who have invented such things. It's all there and it has all been ignored. Why? Alternate energy solutions and products are very important, but that's not the point that we are facing... Our government should not be the ones to decide. There have been studies that show that the incandescent bulb has less of an impact on depression than other forms of artificial light. For those who are prone to depression, what does this ruling mean for them? Do we have the right to take away their option to choose a more comfortable way to illuminate their space? Also, there are people who have had eye surgery or lens replacements. For them, they have said, the incandescent is much easier on their eyes verses alternative light sources. They should have the right to buy a light bulb that works for their vision. Likewise, those who don't mind fluorescent, or LED, or whatever else is available, and want to save money and a little energy may do so. It all lies with the individual and what their goals and needs may be. We are not in danger in any way by the use of the incandescent. The light bulb is not threatening our safety nor our survival in any way, which is what we are paying our government to protect.  In addition to signing this petition, please contact your local representatives and tell them what you want.  They need to hear it.   What I put in my bathroom light fixture is my own business! Not yours, not theirs, not anyone's but mine! Please help to preserve our rights. We are intelligent individuals. I think we would find the world to be in a much better situation if we could choose for ourselves. Don't you?


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