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Our Forgotten People - Save Us From Genocide (Death)

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Who are we to turn our backs on our brother and sister in need? Who are we to determine whether or not if we deserve the rights to be a human being? All across the globe there is despair, grief, and prejudice. Why can't we be our brother's and sister's keeper? Is it because some of us don't look like, talk like, or act the way we feel we should? Who are we to consume what our Mother Earth has given to us? Did we make the grounds we live on? What is the recipe to creating this planet? Most importantly, did we create the elements and natural resources to our survival? We are the heart beat of our world. We are Earth's angels, yet we choose to invade, disregard, depopulate, and never take in the account that one day the same thing can happen to us. We have seen nations fall and leaders pulled from their positions by death! We can sit on a high horse now, and have everything taken away over night. The ones we turn our backs to might be the ones who determine our success or downfall. There is a Creator out there somewhere. There is something that governs us beyond this life we know and It see's all. Some of us steal our way to the top, but always fall in a great way! It's time to give back what was never ours to take control of in the first place. If money is a problem that is fine, but all we little people need is a voice. Can we have a voice? We just want to be heard and seen! We do exist and we deserve the right to live. The leaders of this world did not give us life. They shouldn't have the power and right to take our lives. Please sign this petition so that the world can see that WE ARE HERE!


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