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VIRGINIA: IN THE CIRCUIT COURT OF THE CITY OF SUFFOLK JOHNNIE BELL PARKER, Petitioner, v. LOUIS JEFFERSON PARKER, Respondent. THIS CAUSE came this day on the Petition of Johnnie Bell Parker requesting this Court to appoint guardianship and conservator to represent the interests of Louis Jefferson Parker in these proceedings. Upon consideration whereof, and for good cause shown, it is ADJUDGED, ORDERED that: 1. Johnnie Bell Parker, spouse, be and hereby is appointed guardian and conservator to represent, defend and protect the interests of Louis Jefferson Parker.

Louis Jefferson Parker was personally served with Notice,a copy of the Petition and a copy of the Order AppointingGuardian.  Notice of this hearing was properly given, as required by Virginia Code 37.1-134.10 to Louis Jefferson Parker, and all adult individuals and to all entities whose names and post office addresses appear in the Petition.
Louis Jefferson Parker is not known to have any will.  Reasonable notice of this hearing was also given to Johnnie Bell Parker who is the only person who would be the heirs or distributees of Louis Jefferson Parker if he were dead as of the date of the filing of the Petition.
At the hearing evidence was presented indicating that Louis Jefferson Parker was found to incapacitated and suffers from Dementia.  Louis Jefferson did not request to be present at this hearing and Louis Jefferson Parker did not request a trail by jury.  
This Court finds and determines by clear and convincing evidence that:
1.  Louis Jefferson Parker is an incapacitated person who is incapable of receiving and evaluating information effectively or responding to people, events, or environment to such and extent that he lacks the capacity to  (i) meet the essential requirements for the health care, safety, or therapeutic needs without the assistance or protection of a guardian, or (ii) manage property or financial affairs or provide for the support or for the support without the assistance or protection of a conservator.
2.  There is no reason to believe that there will be any significant improvement in Louis Jefferson Parker's cognitive function. ( Letter presented by his attending physician on January 2013, attached to Petition filed in this cause and is made part of the record of these proceedings).
3.  It is necessary to protect Louis Jefferson Parker from the neglect, exploitation or abuse, and a guardian and a conservator should be appointed for Louis Jefferson Parker.
4. Louis Jefferson Parker is incapacitated and in need if a guardian and conservator.
5.  Johnnie Bell Parker is a suitable person to be the guardian and the conservator of Louis Jefferson Parker.




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