Orchard Park Community Campus

William Even
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The citizens of Orchard Park, NY are petitioning the Orchard Park Town Board and the Orchard Park Central School District Board of Education to donate the property located at 3300 Baker Road to the Senior Council of Orchard Park, Inc. The Baker Road location will be vacated by the school district in July, 2013. Our goal is to relocate the existing Senior Center from its current location 70 Linwood Avenue to the Baker Road facility. The current location cannot meet the needs of our growing senior population. Parking is inadequate, the stairs are difficult for many of our constituents to navigate, and our ability to offer more programs and services is severely hampered by space limitations. Not only is the Baker Road facility large enough to meet our Seniors' current and future needs, but it will also accommodate programs for children and families in the community. Please sign this petition to show your support for this worthwhile endeavor.




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