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Orange must Correct the Deterioration in Mobile Phone Signal in Norton & Malton

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Petition Overview Years ago, Orange provided a superior mobile phone service in and around Norton & Malton in Ryedale. There were very few 'dead spots' and both signal strength and quality, for the most part, was excellent. Sadly, however, the recent years have seen a huge deterioration in signal strength. In the last six months alone, this signal has become extremely erratic and of very low quality. Where once an Orange user could comfortably make a call from their living room, one must now resort to holding their phone to a bedroom window, walking around in circles outside or standing aloft a wheelie bin, all in an effort to receive an almost unusable single bar of signal on their mobile phone. Service Provider & User Obligations When a user signs a phone service contract, the contract stipulates that the user must comply with the service provider's terms and conditions; likewise, a service provider must make provision of their services in a satisfactory and competent manner, and with due care. Call to Action We the undersigned believe that Orange have FAILED in their duty to provide a usable and satisfactory mobile phone service in Norton & Malton. We therefore demand that Orange; 1. Correct the deteriation in mobile phone signal in Norton & Malton. 2. Where Orange cannot satisfactorily provide a contract user with a reliable mobile phone service, offer a 'zero fee' cancellation penalty. We the undersigned hereby give Orange, from close of this petition, thirty days to acknowledge our request and offer resolution in accordance to the demands herein.




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