Opposition to proposed Rezoning for Dollar General Store

John  Zimmerman
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We oppose the rezoning of the southeast corner of East 41st Street and South 134th East Avenue, Tulsa, Oklahoma (Case Number: Z-7215/ PUD-221-G) for the purpose of construction and retail action of a Dollor General Store.


This proposed use of the existing neighborhood conflicts with the planning, positive growth and vision outlined in PLANiTULSA and INCOG.  This wil have a negative impact on SE Tulsa and the 41 Street corridor.


Specific Concerns:

PUBLIC SAFETY on an increasingly traveled two-lane roadway with no turn lanes and no sidewalks; use of large delivery trucks for proposed store in a neighborhood, 

MAGNET FOR INCREASED CRIME in adjacent neighborhood,

DECREASE IN HOME VALUES currently ranging from $100,000 to over $200,000. with the proposed esthethically incompatible building design and low end clientele,


ENVIRONMENTAL DAMAGE of creek and animal life


Park Plaze East III & IV Homeowners' Association and adjacent neighoborhood of Crystal Creek





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