Oppose the development plans for the West of Wells

Andy Cox
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The proposed development of farmland adjacent to the Thales site by Strategic Land Partnerships must NOT be allowed to happen. • It will entail the irrevocable destruction of a swathe of prime farmland. • It will obliterate the visual aspect of the locality. • It will impact adversely upon Wookey. • It will be destructive to the local ecology – despite SLP’s assertion to the contrary. • It will put pressure on services in Wells. • It will create a major traffic congestion problem, in all likelihood necessitating road widening • It will put pressure to the sewage system. • It will lead to an unwelcome increase in the population of Wells, and crowding in the locality. There is no need for this development: In 2011/2 there were 710,140 empty homes in England alone, with 68,793 in the South West. To argue that the National Planning Policy Framework leaves Wells with no choice other than to roll over and accept SLP’s proposal is arrant nonsense. What is so galling is that this proposal leaves the adjacent Thales site untouched, the worst of all options. Small wonder – taking this on would be more expensive and thus hold less appeal to SLP who are only involved because they are out to make a lucrative profit. All of our councillors declared in their election manifestos that brownfield sites should be developed before greenfield sites are touched. We the undersigned we would like hold them to their election promises, and declare their intention not to cynically change their tune. We would also welcome statements from our MP and the County Councillor for Wells, who likewise have indicated their preference for brownfield sites being developed ahead of any greenfield development.





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