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Opposition for Marihuana Dispensary in North Vancouver

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This petition was created to express opposition to the opening of Re-Leaf Dispensary at 4266 Mount Seymour Parkway.
Specific concerns include:

  • This business is not required to serve those in the community with medical needs as they have legitimate access already available to them, including the Dispensary outlets in Vancouver.
  • The location of this business within a small community such as Deep Cove, with close proximity to local school areas. Deep Cove is further away for some North Shore residents than the Dispensary outlets on Hastings and Thurlow.
  • Whether a company such as Re-Leaf Dispensary has the ability to ensure all of its members are properly vetted. Health Canada denied Re-Leaf Dispensary the exemption required to legally sell marihuana.
  • Re-Leaf’s proposed security solutions for their store are not adequate to protect the local community. Their proposal that any customer caught selling or sharing in the vicinity of their store would have their membership revoked does not address issues of customers selling in local parks, forest trails or other community areas, such as local schools.
  • Re-Leaf’s sourcing strategy, to purchase only from growers with exemptions, will only lead to the establishment of more un-safe grow-ops in the area immediately surrounding the site in Deep Cove.
  • Given that B.C. police fear medical marijuana licences are used increasingly by gangs, I also think that legitimizing businesses such as Re-Leaf will only contribute to this problem.


Citizens of North Vancouver


North Shore News Article on Dispensary

B.C. police fear medical marijuana licences are used increasingly by gangs

Medicinal marijuana: An issue of health and safety in B.C.

Re-Leaf Dispensary




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