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Operation Blue Bomber: Save Mega Man Legends 3

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As some of you have no doubt heard, Capcom has recently pulled the plug on another Mega Man game that was planned, Mega Man Legends 3. This is just another example of how they're disrespecting the fans of Mega Man and Capcom, and Mega Man himself, who as of late has been neglected and thrown aside by Capcom. For those unaware, Mega Man (or Rockman in Japan) was the child of Keiji Inafune, created in 1987, a series Capcom had no faith in and thought would never sell. What ended up happening was a new mascot to the gaming world was born, along the likes of Mario or Link, that became a world wide phenomenon that became a part of millions of gamers childhoods and hearts, mine included. Since then, Mega Man has spawned numerous sequels and games and brought enjoyment for over 23 years now to millions. However, since the departure of Keiji Inafune from Capcom, Mega Man has seen much disrespect from the company he helped make stars in the gaming world, with multiple release cancellations, to not even returning to fight in the next Marvel vs Capcom title (though Zero and Tron Bonne did appear to represent the series, the lack of the blue bomber himself is sickening). Capcom has been walking on a thin rope for a while, from numerous on disk DLC just to be able to play the game fully (mostly all overpriced) to letting series die and completing changing beloved icons like Dante from what they once were. I for one have had it, we as gamers need to step up and support our favorite gaming robot, to make sure he doesn't die off as so many Capcom series have been. My goal is to create a mass show of support for the blue bomber while also creating a boycott of Capcom's good and services, sign the petition, don't buy the games (or if you do buy, buy used so no profit goes to the company), don't buy the overpriced on-disc DLC, send pre-orders for Mega Man Legend 3 to show this WILL sell, contact them and show your disdain and disgust over this Capcom email: Capcom Customer Support Section Phone Number : +81-6-6946-3099 *Business hours : Mon-Fri 9:00-12:00, 13:00-17:30 Contact Us page (Japanese Page) Together, we can save Legends 3 and save the Blue Bomber, Mega Man has given us so many years of entertainment and fun, its time for we fans to return the favor and fight back against this company.


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