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tibia open source otserver ot

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Well i have see a lot of people talking about the open server. Well CipSoft says that are ilegals. But they can win a lot of things if CipSoft accepts the OpenServer coumminites: *What\'s is a Open Tibia Is a program that try to copy the original tibia servers. The open servers are open source(that means that the recipi that they use for make the program you can get it and make some changes). *What about hacks and cheat tool A loot of people sayd that the hacks and cheats tools would be more... but is complety the oposit way. The cheats tools and the hackers uses something called bugs and \"security holes\", CipSoft can make that a part of all the community of open servers look for this problems and fix it... else TIBIA WOULD BE MORE SECURE! *What would get the users I know that a loot of people say: \"CipSoft doens\'t reads the proposal forum\", that\'s isn\'t true, but CipSfot is a gruop very small, if tibia becomes open source a part of the community would work in the proposals and each update would have more ideas from the proposals like the Alchemy *What about the money I don\'t know nothing about economy, but most of the entriprices that make linux for money are successful: Red Hat Inc., Novell, Mandriva, Linspire... why CipSoft no *How would the community work Some people say that the communities don\'t have oreder. That isn\'t true. CipSoft could say: This communiti will take care about look for bugs and security holes and inform to the communiti of devolopers, then they repair it It will develop tibia clients for linux, Mac OS X, Windows, 2D, 3D etc. the name say it Of corse if a client isn\'t signed by CipSoft is not recomendable to use it \'cause it isn\'t oficial *What would tibia get -Security improvements -Best major updates -More and improved clients -You could help tibia makings some things (that\'s open source) *What would tibia loose NOTHING


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