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Nickolaus Pacione
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What Questionable Content did could happened to any one of us for criticizing the president – the allegations of me using a real address in the story is unfounded and the person responsible for losing my storefronts. Is Liberal activist and feminist extremist Karen H. Koehelr because of an introduction that was entirely factual. Legend Keeper is an anti-novel that criticized the Liberal President and took what a painting of an artist from Utah did and gave this more venom. Because of this controversial story – all my storefronts were pulled so if you are controversial this can happen to you too. I've been with lulu.com for ten years and under the new policy you can't criticize the status qua. I am doing this petition for a full reinstatement of my accounts full active status as member or for the Questionable Content people to state the sources of the fraudulent reports of “invasion of privacy.”

So if you're a Conservative you're bound to be put under the radar for this one because this is an infringement on your right to freedom of speech. They closed for Independence Day but pulling this they shouldn't even celebrate the holiday. They are known for publishing a book about a kid wearing a pink shirt and carrying a doll they okay that. But when it comes to the author fictionalizing himself where his hometown is the main character of the story – approaching the subject of hypocrisy, racism, and the ideals of The Tea Party. They call that “defamatory” their words not mine – when you say something highly controversial you own up to it. I own up to my controversial content and subject matter then have no problem speaking up for Conservative values and Christianity. Also to bring H. P. Lovecraft's work into a high school setting was another reason I was able to work with Lulu.com.

One of the people who reported me for a DCMA violation used a fake name – Lulu.com requires a given name as does Tumblr.com for that matter. I've filed plenty of these in my years in my latter career but had to do it more than once during 2003 era. The allegations of me stealing Ray Farday Nelson's story being passed off as true is a lie because I had permission to publish this in 2010 and paid $30 for the reprint. So if you want to help me reinstate this account – go sign this petition especially if you're true to my roster over the years and if you served this country. Lulu.com's staff forgot what this country was born upon a treason against tyranny So this petition when filled I will send this to Questionable Content and Victoria Jackson knows the situation – the things I said with my introduction are quite fact-based and this will be something that the liberals hate when the facts are out there and if you heard what Gary Oldman said in his Playboy Interview. I had worn this controversy myself calling Pelosi some choice words myself – but God forbid if you criticize the Government they would silence you like that.

Those who sign the petition and after doing so – you will get Legend Keeper as an e-book so you can see what I am talking about with this one; I will also send you the thing I wrote for Victoria Jackson as I have all the facts out there along with what will be out there eventually as I wrote a new book and waiting for the artwork for it. So those who see what I say rings true to them take a few minutes and sign the petition and help me show that Lulu.com made a huge mistake with me on this one; it took me a week to smooth things over last time over blowing my top at an ex-contributor where I haven't blown up like that in years but this I had been posting the painting of Obama burning the Constitution and making even stronger political statements at their expense.

So if you're a controversial author or made controversial statements like what Gary Oldman made of Nancy Pelosi it was in the wake of me writing Legend Keeper – if you read that interview then you know what I am talking about. The Liberal Double Standard in Hollywood – well there is a double standard like this in the publishing industry too. So those who had been under the eye of controversy and had been pulled because you wrote and published something extremely controversial – come sign this petition and let your voice be heard on this issue. IF they allowed a book about a kid being a homosexual – why not a Boy Scout who spoke of the critical elements of history within the 20th Century and in the height of the Tipper Gore P.M.R.C aftermath? They allowed a book about gay weddings but someone who challenged the Liberal and Socialist regime in a very dark and harsh way – then hammering into the King James Only movement. Where I became a critic of Religion on multiple fronts.

Lulu.com staff will argue, “We're a private company,” but what they did is a very public controversy that will force them to come public about the mistake they made with Legend Keeper and terminating my account. Legend Keeper had no addresses or names in the story itself – just mentioned the rival authors by their hometowns and one by their middle school. So if you had something similar happen to you this is your chance to come forward and go public with them on this issue because what they did is a great injustice to our veterans because I published writers who served our country. What I wrote was protected under the first amendment and the authors I criticized had vehemently spoke out against self publication for years then turn around and use the place I use now. But this well I will not rest until reform in the industry happens – this is the call for reform because I criticized the White House and punished key Liberal public figures.