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Open up Gyms

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I am a small, very small business owner. I have a gym called Oakwood Training and Fitness and I host one on one personal training and very small group classes anywhere from 1-5 people at a time. Most of the time we are outdoors. We have a 3,000sq ft space. Very open. We are super diligent in cleaning our facility, cleaning ALL equipment after each use with Bleach and proper sanitary solution, we do not share equipment, we also can keep a 6-10’ distance. But I feel my gym is essential. All gyms are essential. It’s for the overall health of the clients. I have several clients like myself that have real physical conditions. I personally have rheumatoid arthritis and I have to use a gym to keep my joints mobile. And that goes for other members that I work with. The gym is a way to be healthy. Not about spreading sickness. It also helps with peoples mental state. It’s a true need not a luxury. I have a few members in tears because they are going to get sicker from home. They don’t have the equipment We have to keep their body in shape. If they go more than a week or 2 without the gym, there body will stiffen up. I believe all gyms should open back up with strict stipulations to keep distance, no more than 10 people in the building and using proper cleaning solutions after each use. No shared equipment.
Going to the grocery store puts everyone at great risk. More risk than Going to the gym. The gym is very little risk.
I past by Home Depot, Academy Sports, Sams Club and the customers have to stand outside in line waiting their turn to enter the store and almost all the customers are standing closer than 6’ from each other. They cause a huge risk than any gym. Walking in a grocery store is higher risk than any gym practicing proper sanitation and social distancing. Going through a drive thru is more risk than my gym or any other gym. We know that Keeping businesses closed is about the health and safety of the American people. Going to The gym is about health. And it can be kept safe to keep everyone from spreading the virus. Please allow my gym to open up. But all gyms to open. And only see 1-5 people at a time in the gym at once. We CAN keep all members safe, we CAN have top notch sanitation, we CAN keep A safe 6’+ social distance, we CAN limit number of people in the building at a time. I can not continue to stay closed. I will
Lose my business. I’m losing paying members. But I still have rent to pay, electric bill, water bill, credit card charges and a website payment. PLEASE! We BEG YOU. Let gyms open up.

We the gym owner promise to
Clean all equipment and floors after each session.

We can promise no shared equipment at any given time.

We can train at 6-10’ from clients. And We will continue social distancing.

We can guarantee to keep any member 6’ or More and make them practice social distancing.

We can have all members wash hands entering the gym and upon leaving the gym. I already had them doing that before the shutdown.

We can promise less than 10 in the building at a time to allow room for 6’+ social distancing

Marla Thornton
Gym owner and coach
Oakwood Training and Fitness

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