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Open Letter to FreeJam (and Mark personally)

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Dear FreeJam!

We, the undersigned, want to provide you feedback about your Robocraft game and the its evolution.

First of all, we want to thank you for all the wonderful hours that we spent in the game.

From our point of view, Robocraft is a game about building, driving and fighting. Building is what makes your game so unique, and we like that your game requires both shooting and engineering skills which complement to each other. A player who can't shoot fast and accurately can compensate their disadvantage with building skill (let's call them 'engineers'), and a player who don't want to waste hours thinking about where to place cubes properly can compensate that through their marksmanship and reflexes (shooters).

As in any other online game, we have skilled minorities (engineers and shooters), who want to achieve an advantage by putting a lots of effort into their respective skill, and the rest of the players, who want to beat others without effort.

The last updates tips the balance towards more average players, cruelly limiting engineers' abilities to show their skill. I believe you do that in 'protection' of bad players from the good players (who reached level 100 and unlocked all modules). That's why you removed overtiered guns, and that's why you limited CPU at all tiers. But by doing that you are removing their motivation to increase building and shooting skills. It was dart having a single +3 plasma cannon who taught the author of this letter to look at the sky, it was T4 railer who taught him to use covers from the first tier, that was Solid SMG Brick who made him WANT to play and gain levels. Such types of players give others a 'survival challenge' and show them why they need to advance. Players leave a game NOT because of skilled minorities going down from T10, but because the game doesn't give them EMOTIONS anymore. They can disagree, but truth is that negative emotions are good for motivation, much better than boring and repetitive. It's boredom that kills enjoyment of a game and ultimately never playing it again, not frustration.

Also, the last updates dramatically decreaced the variety of robot at mid tiers. Drones, thruster sticks, landships, art-bots require a lots of CPU, good sleds should have overtiered guns etc etc etc. This makes players not ready for Tier 10 when they reach it, because they never saw the vehicle types that are now possible at Tier 10 only, and they have no experience in building and driving these robots. We can't see anything good in this, we don't want more unskilled players at Tier 10. We agreed that 1511 CPU at Tier 4 is 100% OP, but the nerf like this is impulsive and rash.

We also think the last changes makes the game slower and more boring, because without overtiered guns now we haven't got a choice between strong armor and firepower – instead, we are forced to use strong armor and weak guns. Kill fast or die fast – dynamic gameplay, that's what we want. That's what we had.

The last updates prove that you're listening to unskilled players whining on forums/twitter and giving them what they want. They want more comfortable gameplay, but they don't need it. More comfortable means less educative and less funny for everyone.

So please, if you listening to them, listen to us too. Please, don't kill your game by turning it into another World of Tanks, if you don't want your players to migrate there.

We ask you to return overtiered guns (at least +1 guns available for everyone) to let us have a choice between weapon and armor again.

We ask you to return full CPU from tier 6 (not from 4 as before) to let a players see various robot designs (and want to build/lease them).

The roboranking balance was perfect before denying overtiered guns at T1-T5, and we ask you to return it just as it was, protecting low-tiers (1-5) by CPU limit. We believe that middle tiers (6-9) should have full CPU to prepare players for Tier 10.


a Robocraft players.

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