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Open letter to Congress

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An Open Letter to the Congress of the United States of AmericaTo all congress persons who believe in the United States of America exceptionalism and theAmerican Dream and capitalism, you will be supported in your political endeavors and work forAmerican exceptionalism if and only if you agree to the following:1. You will work endlessly abrogate the 1913 Agreement between US President ThomasWoodrow Wilson and the European Cabal that created the exclusive European controlover the US economy with the creation of the European Federal Reserve Bank and its 12branches located in the USA.2. You will rescind the Federal Income Tax created by US president Wilson in 1913.3. You will withdraw from the “League of Nations” that US President Franklin DelanoRoosevelt renamed the “United Nations.”4. You will withdraw all US participation in NATO and focus on the development of themost powerful and sophisticated military to equal or exceed the Russian military.5. You will withdraw from all wars and interests in any war except in case of direct threat toAmerica. You will withdraw all support for Ukraine immediately.6. You will withdraw from the any activity whatsoever in the International Monetary Fund(IMF) and the World Bank (WB). 7. You will reorganize the CIA and remove all clandestine operations in other governmentsand efforts to seek or cause regime change. You will work to remake the CIA intelligencegathering only. 8. You will destroy all personal data collected on US citizens that are not directly related tocriminal or treasonous activity.9. You will reform the Federal Bureau of investigation to investigation only and allowpolice action only based on legitimate warrants with prior direct evidence and not onlycircumstantial evidence.10. All FBI and CIA and NSA activities must be according to bipartisan consensus. No partymay issue a warrant for any action without joint agreement by both parties. 11. All participation for the overthrow of the US government by congressional activists forsocialism and communism such as the present Democrats for a socialist America must beterminated. 12. The decentralization of schools and the reestablishment of academics without politicalindoctrination must be restored and the teachers unions must be local and apolitica

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