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Open Letter to Biden on War

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We have to end this war!



Dear Citizens!

We are: Sally McMillan of Iowa City, IA a nonagenarian, and Buzz Davis of Tucson, AZ, who will be an octogenarian this year.

We are senior activists and we know we can’t end this war alone.

But we can help President Biden do it by sending him a way to see more clearly (perhaps call it the former -comedian- Zelensky way).

That’s what this petition is about.

We hope you will join us as people of peace by signing your name on this open letter and statement as our 20/20 gift to our president, our country, and to the world.

Would you believe that you can make a difference? We will send to the President after we collect a good number of signatures. Let’s have hundreds, thousands of signatures!



It’s time, Joe, to get those cataracts removed.

Believe us, with new lens you’d see much clearer. Don’t worry, it’s not a difficult procedure. It can be done outpatient. You’ll be right back in the White House in short order with a much better view of your foreign policy.

With your newfound vision the darkness of wars, Ukraine/Russia, Israel/Palestine, Saudi Arabia/Yemen, and other dark spots in the world would be replaced with a bright light of world peace.

You’d see the steps to be taken are right there in front of you.

Just imagine what a relief it would be – how good you’d feel knowing that age brings not just disability, but also wisdom. Plus think of all the congratulatory messages you’d receive about your place in history among the great peacemakers.

Go for it, Joe, the world is behind you. Here’s a hug, and we'd like to send you blessings from Pope Francis, too.


Dear Mr. President- Please give this statement your prayerful reflection and immediate attention. With clearer vision you will see how this conflict could have been and still can be handled peacefully.

With 20/20 vision you will see that a coup against a democratically elected leader is itself an undemocratic act of aggression.

With 20/20 vision you will realize that Russian accession of Crimea was a choice made by the Crimean people through a referendum following the illegal coup.

With 20/20 vision you will see that it was eight years of conflict between Ukranian government forces and eastern rebels of Russian background, in contradiction to the Minsk ceasefire agreement, that led to the Donbass’ region’s Declaration of Independence and the inevitable Russian support for closely-related people.

With 20/20 vision you will see that the breakdown of negotiations over Russia’s unwillingness to accept NATO and U.S. weapons along its borders is a replay of the U.S. position at the time of the Cuban Missile Crisis, which was settled peacefully through negotiated compromises on both sides.

With your new found vision, we urge and trust that you will see the need to de-escalate the extremely tragic and dangerous situation in Ukraine, and give Russia the security guarantees it has legitimately requested;

o That you will halt U.S. arms shipments to Ukraine and urge our

NATO allies to do the same;

o You will guarantee no NATO membership for Ukraine or other former Soviet republics as promised in 1989;

o You will dial back the punitive sanctions on Russia; and

o Resume negotiations on ending the war.

With a deep concern for the suffering of all victims of war and with the conviction that war is a failure of leadership and that a peaceful path to conflict resolution is in the interest of the world, we send you this signed statement.

Respectfully yours,


Thank you and please consider forwarding this message to your friends.


Sally McMillan, author of letter and statement

Buzz Davis


SALLY McMILLAN is a graduate of Chestnut Hill College, Philadelphia, PA, with B.S. in chemistry, and has a Master of Social Ecology from Goddard College, Plainfield VT. Worked in R & D before becoming stay-at-home mom to 4 kids.

Now grandmother to 12, and great grandmother to 3. Traveler to 27 countries. Lifelong volunteer in peace and justice organizations. Author of two books, The Crossroad at Bethany and Fondly Yours…an Ordinary Life.

Philadelphia: board member of Marianist Center Continuing Ed program; advocate and board member of Youth Advocates; volunteer with Cardinal’s Commission on Human Relations; parish CCD teacher; campaigner for George McGovern.

Burlington IA: secretary & parish assistant at First UCC church; ; administrator of SE Iowa Homecaring Services; member and board president of UNA-USA chapter; writer of UN column in Burlington Hawkeye; op-eds for Des Moines Register; church parish council member; campaigner for Jimmy Carter & Jerry Brown.

Albuquerque: member of anti- Sweatshop Coalition, Stop the War Machine, Arab-Jewish Dialogue, & Middle East Peace Alliance;, member of Peace & Justice Center; member & board president of UNA chapter; church parish council member; campaigner for Dennis Kucinich.

Iowa City: Member of Peace Iowa; member of parish Social Action Committee; occasional letters to the editor in IC Press-Citizen and Cedar Rapids Gazette; 2008 campaigner for Barack Obama; campaigner for Jill Stein and Tulsi Gabbard; fan of VFP.

Buzz Davis

3-10-22 Buzz Davis, formerly of Stoughton, WI now of Tucson, is a long time progressive activist, a member of Veterans for Peace and a former VISTA Volunteer, Army officer (infantry and communications) S. Korea (1967-70), elected official (Stoughton City Council & Dane Co. Bd. of Supervisors), led the largest WI union organizing effort in 40 yrs. – organizing the 3,500 member WI Professional Employees Council (Am. Fed. of Teachers), WI Impeach Bush for illegal wars organizer, WI Recall Gov. Walker organizer, one of the leaders of the Stoughton Area Dems & Progressive for 30 yrs. & of the Better with Bernie WI effort, former Dem. Party of WI Dane Co Exec. Bd. member, long time DPW convention organizer/activist on resolutions, former Exec. VP of WI Alliance for Retired Americans, a retired state government planner, worked for the last 6 yrs./led national effort to Stop VA Privatization.

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