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Open Iglesia Ni Cristo Central Office Branch in Jerusalem, start Christian-based urban renewals

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January 25, 2014

To Brother Eduardo V. Manalo, the First Family and Economic Board of the Church, and to the whole Church throughout the World We, members of the Church of Christ, representing the entire dance, arts and sports community, humbly and respectfully offer our petitions to please consider these potential ways to commemorate the upcoming 100th Anniversary of the Church of Christ in these last days on July 27, 2014, and to laid out planning for the years that will ensue after it, out of our faith in the power of the biblical prophecies that elected God’s Last Messenger in our time, the authority of the Church Administrators that succeeded him, and the urgency to spread the Church of Christ to promote genuine morality in today’s world. We divide our humble suggestion into long-term, medium-term, and short-term goals, and we respectfully call on all members of the Church, out of faith, to contribute voluntarily to the realization of these goals, for the Glory of God and Jesus Christ, the Honor of the Church and its Administration, and for the welfare and ultimate salvation of mankind. And with it, with full confidence that you will accept our loyalty and ready devotion, we consecrate ourselves and everything to God and to His Administration. LONG TERM PLANS:1. Reconstruction of media-envisioned (in example, halls seen in some movies) and formerly-standing gathering places formerly used by other than the Church(in example, tabernacles, sports arenas), and reincorporation of former chapel designs to be sponsored for the Church’s use and the welfare of its locales here and abroad. 2. Continuous prayer to God that He may yet pour down again His Holy Spirit for a lasting, final revival of repentance and that He may raise again His dead messengers of old to yet again prepare the earth for Christ’s Second Advent, and for the Church Administration to reach ahead of the race for Christ's Return. 3.Development of Israel and Palestine, as charged by the Church, from wilderness into ecological-sustainable lands. 4. Approval for use of orchestras and bands of musical instruments in public worship, in full compliance of biblical ordinance, and giving of choice to locale and district choir directors. 5. Consolidate all educational, cultural as well as commercial institutions that uncompromisingly uphold Christian values today. 6. Acquisiton of the Gumamela Celis lot in Antipolo, Rizal and the Montemaria lot in Batangas to be converted into Church facilities yet still fulfilling in process the blueprint laid out for these sites by its previous owners MEDIUM TERM PLANS:1. Dialogue with all facilities and faculties of other religions that they may join the Church and offer their services finally to a life-long Church membership. 2. Bid for the country, different international sports and exhibition events to be held in the Ciudad De Victoria in Bulacan, and ask in goodwill, its different organizations to hold at least special and unofficial editions of their events just to let people all around to afford knowing about the Church. 3. Develop the smaller puericulture centers of the Church, and re-establish its kindergarten facilities in Metro Manila. 4.Reestablishment of locales founded by the apostles in the first century, as well in other biblically-significant lands,following the first-century method. 5. Acquisition of facilities in places which do not yet have locales of the Church, to pave way for eventual establishments of full-pledged congregations, and thus meet the remaining backlog of countries that do not have the Church at present. 6. Intensify missionary talks with Jews, Greeks, descendants of Gentiles, and all other biblical races in order of them to reach their destinies in the Church as envisioned by the Bible. 7. Penetrate countries and places not yet reached by the Church through instruction and spiritual counsel to members of the dance, sports and arts communities in those places 8. Encourage, support and disseminate in wide-reaching, meek terms, creation, performance and preservation of new Christian musicals, portraying Christian values and principles 9. Publish a translation of the Bible containing all renditions from versions of English and other foreign languages, as aid to understanding. 10. Encouragement for Christians to take up careers for arts, sports and dance.11. Establishment of branches of the Church's educational institutions in places of poverty and pervalent decadence, not only in the Philippines but also around the globe, and support of our comrades to further its curriculum service.SHORT-TERM PLANS:1. Establish a branch of the Church Central Office as well as quarters for the Church Administrators in Jerusalem, Israel as envisioned by the late Brother Erano G. Manalo when this Church was restored to Jerusalem in March 1996. 2. Reconstruct, for memorial as well as religious use, the first Central Chapel ordered by Brother Felix Y. Manalo for the Church due to his 1930s US trip, in Tipas, Taguig where it was first erected in 1937. 3. Reacquire, the former sites of the Church Central Office, to use for more effective administration of the Church. 4. Disseminate the full and official sermons and lectures from the Church Administration in print and audio, to stir people of all sides to enter the Church, and reprint of former issues of the Church's journals and organs, to augment faith propagation (in example, give issues to attendees on awards nights in order for them to have something worth pondering for). 5. Give the Church chance to hold its Missionary gatherings and special gatherings in popular sites (in example, sports stadiums, open spaces and concert venues abroad) where it did not been gone before, in order to muster strong crowds of listeners 6. Enjoin members of the Church to always invite visitors to witness pastoral visitations by the Executive Minister and his Retinue, in order that non-members be stirred by the power of the Holy Spirit to finally join the Church 7. Consider building Ezekiel's Temple, either in Ciudad De Victoria or in Jerusalem, inasmuch as the Central Temple in Quezon City is symbolic of the Solomon Temple. 8. Envision the proposed lot for a new house of worship in Tokyo, Japan, bought as far back as 1994, to be used by the Church at the same time as for worship-to deliver an affordable arts, sports and dance service and promote a wholesome, integritable community living 9. Continuous holding of missionary gatherings in places that are not yet part of the Church, and in places that had not yet held these. 10. Institution of a program to avoid divorce, develop counseling to couples, and reconcile divorced couples, and in process, bring back Mrs. Gwyneth Paltrow to Mr. Chris Martin,Mr. Robert Pattinson to Ms. Kristen Stewart, and Mr. Robin Thicke to Mrs. Paula Patten. These things are easy to do, and was planned to the best of ability to be able to be grasped easily and done with the lesser money. 1. Survey whosoever in our cities support conservative, family-oriented values in their institutions, and then enlist their help. 2. Do daily rounds of gatherings in all places and spaces in the city explaining why Christian conservative values must and will be preserved even now. 3. Do personal appeals and conversations with all dancers, athletes and artists that stand by these values that they may spread this words effectively.

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