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Dear All,

You are aware it is almost 3 weeks since AGM took place. We the undersigned owners and members

of Amantra CHS were expecting the MOM of AGM held on 26-12-2021 and the concrete action plan on the critical issues

Considering the situation, we would like to meet the managing committee on Sunday 23rd January

2022 at Amantra Club House – Time – 11:00 am.

Meeting can be organised in person or virtual as per convenient of all after considering Omicron


We would like to discuss following burning issues and quick resolution irrespective of our internal changes what happened after surprising resignation of all office bearers.

1. Appointment of new office-bearers: -

During AGM (26/12/2021) Honourable Chairman announced that total 7 managing committee members including all office-bearers has resigned from the Managing

Committee. The same has been reconfirmed through the official communication MyGate on

date 12/01/2022.

We would like to understand the new setup and responsibility distribution on urgent basis

because problems like flooding will not wait for our internal setup but it will come on its own


2. P1 area flood mitigation action plan: -

It has been noticed since year 2018, P1 areas get flooded almost every year. All resident life

were on stake during flooding in years 2019 & 2021.After several round of discussion / SGBM, we have arrived on conclusion to have a third-party survey report (IIT Mumbai) and implementation of the same under flood mitigation plan. Some quick preparation has to be

done from our side prior to report so that it can be implemented in due date and we avoid this year’s flooding.

During our proposed meeting, we would like to understand about the prior preparation MC (existing team / or proposed team) has done to counter this issue?

3. Water allocation from STEM as per agreement: -

We faced water disconnection / shortage issue from STEM since June 2021 and till the time this has happed twice. Hence, we request Hon. Chairman/ Secretary to have their concrete plan on this matter. We have been told that, water flow meter needs to be installed at the water inlet connection and so far, no action been seen on this.

Requesting existing managing committee to follow-up with STEM strongly along with property manager and get this streamline to avoid sudden interruption of water which is a basic need of human being.

4. Firefighting system updating in complex: -

We noticed few major fire incidents recently in Aroha (B) tower. Everyday fire alarm sound

experiencing by the residents without reasoning, and we found resident complaining about the same through available channels. This is not good for society like ours. Hence, the system needs upgradation, and we wish to have your action plan.

5. Apart from above listed issues, several many other issues are presently in-front of all of us to

act upon. Hence, we request Hon. Chairman/ Secretary to act reasonably looking upcoming monsoon to cater above issues. We anticipate good healthy discussion by conducting short meet with resident as proposed to have confidence in your esteemed team.

Reason for this urgent meeting is to understand the progress of many pending and serious issues, post the announcement of resignation of 7 members including the office bearers we haven’t seen any movement on pending issues, and this has put all worrying as very soon, we will be under the scare of monsoon floods, STEM issue is kept unresolved. Firefighting system is still tangling with no

clarity on resident’s safety Intent of this meeting is to come on a common platform to identify loopholes and extend our support to resolve all pending issues at the earliest to avoid any upcoming crisis and inconvenience

to all the Amantra residents.

Will appreciate everyone’s presence in this meeting. With one common vision for “Better Amantra”


Amantra CHS Resident.

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