Ontario Must Not Lose Andre Marin

julie wood
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Ontario is lucky enough to have an exceptional Ombudsman  - clear-sighted, courageous and ethical.   André Marin understands accountability, the critical importance of his role, and the pitfalls of failing to confront difficult issues  in times of adversity.   He tackled our unfair lotteries, the practice of cutting off Avastin to cancer victims, and poor regulation of private colleges.   If Ontario loses its current Ombudsman,  we will lose our strongest and most effective voice for accountability and transparent, ethical government. 

Recently Premier Dalton McGuinty announced that he was not planning to automatically renew André Marin’s appointment.  Then, at the end of March, he announced that he would extend the current appointment beyond April 1 for 6 months.   

It is important that Ontarians let the Premier know that we will not tolerate a government that fails to support government accountability.   We need to keep the best Ombudsman Ontario ever had.

We want the Premier to reappoint André Marin for another 5 years.  




  • Linda Vorano
    Linda Vorano Canada, Toronto
    Jul 28, 2015
    Jul 28, 2015
    I have admired Andre Marin for his professionalism, and competence. We must keep him. If we do, perhaps he can train a successor in his excellent skills.


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