Only A Fool Would Vote for Wendy Greuel

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On May 21, 2013 Los Angeles will go to the polls to elect a new Mayor. 

Wendy Greuel has showed Los Angeles voters throughout her entire campaign that she'll do anything, step on or over anyone, and say whatever she has to in order to win this election. 

True, most people like a go-getter, but not the kind who uses a person's personal life in the media to get her way at the polls and who takes money from everyone and is accountable to no one. 

There can be no crueler prank played on the residents of Los Angeles than the election of Wendy Greuel as our next Mayor. Well, maybe there is one thing---if Tony Villar were given a third term, that'd be a pretty cruel joke on us all. Either way it's a lose lose situation for the voters of Los Angeles. 

But we digressed.  

Nothing Wendy Greuel says to voters this April Fool's Day could be worse than actually electing her mayor of our great city. 

We will not be made a fool of on Election Day. 

So together we're saying loud and clear on this April Fool's Day that we're not fooled by Wendy and we're voting for Eric Garcetti for Mayor of Los Angeles.





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