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Here's what we need to become a stable staff team and begin to appear professional. * Delete old videos, keep some older higher quality ones (We will write which ones here) [ ] * Get basic gameplay working so we can begin developing the world and gameplay [ ] * Stop this nonsense about CEO and Employees [ ] * Work as a team to try and get somewhere on this *Only upload podcasts that the whole team has approved upon *Don't rush to share our work with the whole world some stuff is unfinished and even know we may think it is we always ussually make changes. This means no posting things on Facebook or Youtube unless you get DIRECT permission from the developer of this piece of work. Once we do all these things, it will open a lot of doors for the staff here at Omuni. We can not feel "embarassed" while sending videos over to semi-professional developers. We can be proud and everybody can feel comfortable with their work. We aren't trying to change your game RJ but these are vastly drastic issues that really need to be solved if we want to actually start making progress, this is extremely important. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------





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