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Jack Mulderrig
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It is time to tell our elected officials how strongly we oppose any health care program that funds abortion.  The simplest way for us to get our message across is through the use of a petition addressed to our Senators Charles Schumer and Kristen Gillibrand and our Congressman Steve Israel.  We need them to say "No!" to the pro-abortion healthcare bill being negotiated behind the closed doors of Congress. 

The differences in the anti-abortion language between the House and Senate versions of the pending bills are largely about semantics - both versions provide abortion funding.  The political environment for fashioning compromises in the days ahead is raw. Public support for a health-care overhaul has eroded.  There is anger among both House and Senate leaders at President Barack Obama for refusing to get his hands dirty.

We Catholics must make sure our voices are heard.   Please sign this petition opposing any health care reform that includes funding for abortion and send to all your friends and fellow parishioners asking for their support.





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