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We hope to prevent plagiarism of members on the website by petitioning here for better privacy settings on Writers Cafe.
When you are adding or editing a new piece of literature on the Site, you are given the following privacy settings for this piece:
a. Unpublished. Only you can see this literature.
b. Published. Anyone on the web or on writers cafe can see this literature.
c. Published. Anyone logged in to writers cafe can see this literature.
We are requesting their be a setting along these lines:
d. Published. Only those on your friends can see this literature.
We want this setting to, like the other settings, be something we can set for each individual piece.
Why Now?
We want these changes now, and have begun this petition at this time because a Writers Cafe member named Olivia Smith fell victim to plagiarism by the website
Olivia is part of a Group on Writers Cafe called the Novelists Elite, which I own and run. Ever since she fell victim to plagiarism, she has taken down her writing off of Writers Cafe as she no longer feels safe. We feel that if she had the option to make it so that only her friends could see her pieces of literature, she would feel safer and put her Writing back up. Because she currently does not have her works posted, her two novels "Required" and "Walker" can not appear in the Group Novelists Elite. We value Olivia as a member of our Group very much and value her writing too. We'll do whatever it takes to get her Books back in the Group.
The plagiarism of several Writers Cafe members by the website has brought this issue into light and something needs to be done about it.
We are seeking signatures from Writers Cafe members ONLY. We are really trying to also get signatures from other Writers Cafe members who were plagiarized by
Please sign this petition to support better privacy settings on Writers Cafe as to prevent plagiarism the best we can.
*while it is not what we are petitioning for here, we also want to suggest to the owners of Writers Cafe that viewers of a published piece of literature on the site not be able to copy and paste the words of the literature. We should only be able to alter/copy/or paste the words if we are in the edit window for the literature, and hence the owner/writer of it. This can not stop theft, but it will make it much more difficult. Please consider this too.
Privacy is a site issue that the owners of writers cafe NEED to address, our privacy and keeping our Works from being stolen should be a PRIORITY in their minds and by signing this petition, we will make it one if they won't listen.

Every signature on this petition counts for that.

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