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Most current Habbo players will probably not remember this, but there was another Habbo before the Habbo you have been playing on.

This version was disabled in 2009 and replaced by the new 'BETA' version that is online today. There were many differences between the two versions, like the public spaces (lots of them), Habbo club (now known as VIP, used to be cheaper) and games like battleball and snowstorm.

Many of the 'OldSkool' Habbo players feel like the update to the new version was a bad decision, and a lot of them have stopped playing as a result.

=== THE IDEA ===
The idea of this petition is to gather a lot of digital signatures from habbo players that would like the old habbo to come back.

=== WHAT WE WANT ===
We want the old version of habbo (that is now retired) to come back, be it one international version or a seperate one for each hotel. We feel that a lot of the oldskool players will come back to play, and the servers won't be too expensive as only Habbo characters created before the hotel was retired will be able to access it. It will include all the original features like the big hand, battle ball, habbo club, the old shop system and all the old features we loved.

We believe this should be done because it will attract many of the old players back to the game, and they WILL purchase credits in the old version so the server can be kept online.

I sincerely hope this will pass, and I hope to see you all soon on the old habbo!

- Cascer1 (Habbo NL)


www.sergeantsclan.com www.HabFarwestt.nl.ae


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