Old, unpaid Minecraft accounts

Arsen S.
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For about a year now, I've waited patiently to acquire the username (Exabyte). Unfortunately, It is taken, but it's NOT premium. Meaning, the account holder hasn't purchased the game yet. He/she made the account back when you could pick a username before buying the game.Add to that, they haven't been active since 2011. I've checked.Looking through forums to find an answer, I came across a conversation where a member of the Mojang support team said, "Eventually, we'll wipe old, unpaid accounts so that people can register them as paid accounts. There is no timeframe on this, just when the web team has time." This is from December of 2012. Honestly, my patience is wearing thin. And I think the sooner it's done, the better! Surely, there are many of you out there who agree. Hopefully, with enough of us signing this, they will finally act.

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