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Capcom, We want Okami on Nintendo Revolution

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Capcom, we want Okami on Nintendo REVOLUTION. This petition is for you, Clover Studio. Many people want the great game Okami on REVOLUTION. This petition is the proof. One of the principal reason why Okami will be prefectly suited for Nintendo REVOLUTION is how the game is controlled : You simply have to paint symbols and circles to create and change things in game. It will be perfect with the free-hand controller of Nintendo REVOLUTION. Here\'s what critics think of Okami: (Take note: The game was often in direct competition to Nintendo\'s Zelda: Twilight Princess) Game Critic Awards: \"Runner-up for Best Console Game\" - E3 05 \"Runner-up for Best Original Game\" - E3 05 Ziff Davis Media: \"Runner-up for Game of the Show\" - E3 05 \"Best PS2 Game\" - E3 05 \"Okami is a gorgeous game\" - 1up.com \"Runner-Up for Best-Action Game\" - E3 05 G4 TV \"Runner-Up for Best Game of Show\" - E3 05 \"Best PS2 Game\" - E3 05 \"Runner-Up for Best Original Game\" - E3 05 Gamespot: \"It\'s difficult for any game to stand out amid the bustle of E3, but we think Okami most certainly does.\" -E3 05 \"Runner-up for Overall Best Action Adventure Game\" - E3 05 \"Runner-up for Overall Most Innovative Game\" - E3 05 IGN: \"One of the best games of the show\" - TGS 05 \"Having originally taken best-of-show honors from many at E3, the game\'s TGS showing is no less impressive -- in fact, it may even be the best playable title on display at the show. \" - TGS 05 \"Runner-Up for the Best Overall Game of Show\" - E3 05 \'\'PS2 Game of Show\" - E3 05 \'\'Runner-Up for the Most Innovation Game of Show\" - E3 05 \"Most Innovative Design and Best Adventure Game on PS2\" E3 05 And finaly, we are not alone in this dream of having Capcom Okami on the REVOLUTION, look at what Matt Casamassina, from IGN have to say about Okami for Nintendo Next-Generation System: Mailbag From Nov 14, 2005 Question from a reader: I was wondering if Clover Studio has any plans for bringing Okami to Revolution since the Freehand style Controller seems to be just perfect for it. Matt responds: That makes a lot of damned sense for a couple of reasons. First, as you noted, the mechanics in the game call for players to actually draw symbols and circles on-screen, among other things, and this makes the setup perfectly suited to the Revolution\'s freehand-style controller. Previously, we speculated that Okami might make a great DS game, but now that we know the intricacies of the Revolution controller, there\'s no doubt that it\'d make an even better title for Nintendo\'s next console. Just as importantly, a port of Okami to Revolution with added support for the amazing controller would make up for the travesty of the game somehow skipping a GameCube release in favor of PlayStation 2. Any evaluation of the marketplace would show that GCN owners eat games like this up, a truth that Clover Studios of all developers should know very well. After all, it was the software house\'s Viewtiful Joe that sold several hundred thousand copies on GCN and inevitably bombed on PlayStation 2. (Of course, it did release for Nintendo\'s system first, to be fair.) I honestly wouldn\'t be surprised if Clover eventually explored the option of bringing Okami over to Revolution. But for now, there are no announced plans for such a move and naturally Capcom will only reiterate that Okami is coming to PlayStation 2. Still, keep the dream alive and start your petitions now. This is as good a cause as any for Nintendo nuts to start rioting over, and perhaps someone over in Japan will eventually take notice. So, Capcom, please look at your fans and say to them: \"Okami will be on the Nintendo Revolution\'\' David Roy \"Best Game of Show - E3 06: Okami Revolution\"


David Roy, fan of Videogames and Innovation Comments of the Day: \"When I first saw the new brush feature in Okami I immediately thought \"\"Nintendo DS.\"\" But then the Revolution controller was revealed and it seemed like an even greater fit. The system just seems made for Okami right now and it would be great to see what Clover can execute with the freehand controller at their disposal.\" A gamer from US


For more information, images and videos, look at these pages: IGN : http://ps2.ign.com/objects/678/678618.html GameSpot: http://www.gamespot.com/ps2/adventure/okami/index.htmlq=okami 1up: http://www.1up.com/do/gameOverviewcId=3134928 Game Rankings: http://www.gamerankings.com/htmlpages2/920500.asp
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