Letter to Sen. Voinovich Following 'No' Vote on DREAM Act

Beth Dahlman
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As faith leaders who have advocated for the DREAM Act, our hearts break for the thousands of young people who would have benefited from passage of this common-sense, compassionate legislation. We believe deeply in the Scriptural imperative to care for the immigrant, and are keenly aware of the daunting obstacles faced by these young men and women who continue to wait for Congress to pass the DREAM Act. As people of faith and as citizens, we are outraged.
By voting to filibuster the DREAM Act, Sen. Voinovich perpetrated a grave injustice. He should know better. He knows the stories of Bernard Pastor, Gaby Pacheco and thousands of other talented young people – including many Ohioans -- who yearn to contribute to our nation, but he chose to turn his back on them. Sen. Voinovich knows our current policies deny hardworking, upstanding young immigrants a fair chance at a bright future because of decisions their parents made years ago. We told him ourselves on numerous occasions, but the truth fell on deaf ears, a closed mind and a hardened heart. As a result, he has sullied his moral legacy as a leader and a public servant.
The deliberate infliction of hardship on innocent, patriotic young immigrants is a dereliction of Sen. Voinovich’s duties as a public servant, a neighbor and a self-proclaimed person of faith. The Biblical mandate to care for the immigrant and do justice is unmistakable. No Senator who professes to be a person of faith can credibly claim ignorance of these core tenets. Again, we lifted up these teachings to Sen. Voinovich, but the truth fell on deaf ears, a closed mind and a hardened heart. Today, we call on Sen. Voinovich and all those who filibustered the DREAM Act to repent and reflect on their responsibilities as public servants and people of faith, and we demand that they reverse their opposition to this bill.
Despite the setback suffered last weekend, the movement of young people working to pass the DREAM Act is growing stronger every day. As people of faith, we are more committed and more mobilized than ever to support these courageous young immigrants in their fight to pass the DREAM Act, knowing that they will be far better public servants than Senator Voinovich and his colleagues were when they filibustered this legislation.





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