Promises made, Promises NOT Kept

Mark Stram
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I will be voting NO to the continuation of the 1% sales tax for roads and capital improvement on April 5, 2011 unless Ohio Pkwy is completely resurfaced like Colorado Ave. or at the very least all places not resurfaced from Harrison Ave. to East Gate Pkwy are resurfaced. Ohio Pkwy was NOT completely resurfaced from Harrison Ave to East Gate Pkwy as promised in the 2007-2011 Capital Improvement project and further more Colorado Ave. was completely resurfaced including curbs, some sidewalks and bottom of driveways from Harrison Ave. to West Gate Pkwy. The 2011-2015 Capital improvement shows completing Colorado Ave. with no work to be done on Ohio Parkway. On top of this Ohio Parkway, having an elementary and middle school, receives more traffic than Colorado Ave. This petition will be mailed April 3, 2011 to our 8th ward alderwoman Nancy Johnson and Pat Zuroske - Capital Improvement Program Manager




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