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Take down Encyclopedia Dramatica's offended page form the internet

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Why is it not okay to show adults making out with children, but okay to show gore, violent and real-murder content?

Encyclopedia Dramatica's offended page includes animated images of people committing suicide, articles glorifying extreme racism and sexism, and a seemingly endless supply of twisted, shocking views on just about every major human tragedy in history.

The most shocking fact about this page is that it tricks all people to click on it (including children and teenagers). The offensive encyclopedia insults people's religions, sexual orientations, disabilities, and links them to “Offended? Click here!"

In the beginning, the page contains a few cute pictures. But right after that is a photo of someone from a car accident with his head splattered against the ground.

There are no words that can describe the content there. There is no doubt that the content contains the most disgusting, horrible, terrible, dreadful, ghastly, nasty, vile, foul, revolting, repulsive, repugnant, odious, sickening and nauseating pictures and videos that ever existed online.

This includes, but is not limited to, real people mutilating themselves and many more grotesque and images, a gif of a kitten going through a blender, a decapitated wolf's head in a toilet, someone cutting their penis into little pieces, and someone in a morgue being abused. This content is labeled as: "2 girls 1 cup", "BME Pain Olympics", "Spankwire", "One man One Screwdriver", "Mr Hands", "One Guy One Jar", "Eel Soup" and "3 Guys 1 Hammer".

The awful news is that Google's search engine links this page on it's top which attracted a lot of teenagers and children to click on it.

Many children claim that they literary lost their innocence from those pictures. Beej explained his reaction to this awful page "However, that's how I lost my innocence too (well, that, and 3 guys 1 hammer.)So, being the 'responsible' person I am,Don't go there.In the beginning, it contains a few cute pictures", and ending his answer with "My raped childhood."

The user was referring to "3 Guys 1 Hammer"'s video where two guys in the Ukraine took an old man deep out into the woods and murdered him. It's very gruesome video where they beat him, stab him all over with a screwdriver, cut his stomach open (at about this part you can see his heart beating and his organs just barely working) then one jumps on him and stabs his eyes out with the screwdriver, then one jumps on his head and breaks his skull.

Another kid said, "when i was 12, i couldnt sleep that was enough for me....i do not go searching for things that will beat those images on the sick list..and why the hell would anyone be curious too see dead kittens in a blender, or dead babys, mutilated penises or whatever junk is on that page! it's disgusting, im ashamed to be a human being".

I invite Google founders Larry Page and Sergey Bring, Google's 30000 employees, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the white house, Barrack Obama, Adsense content monitors to go on Encyclopedia Dramatica's offended page, and decide if it's moral and reasonable for that page to be on the top of Google's search results. I would like to challenge Google founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin to look at each picture precisely for 35 seconds, and browse all that page. And then ask them, is if fair for their search engine to link that content on the top? Is it appropriate and fair for an 12 years old boy to see this content?

Why bother fight spam, when you cannot fight tnauseating, stomach-turning, stomach churning, repulsive, revolting,disgusting, repellent, repugnant, appalling, obnoxious, nauseous, vile,nasty, foul, loathsome, offensive, objectionable, off-putting, distasteful,obscene, gruesome, grisly, vomitous content?

It's time for morbid content to stop being published, promoted, linked by Google search and it's time for that content to get removed from the internet. Why is it more acceptable to see decapitated heads, castration, animals ripped apart, human cruelty, than child porn?

Please sign this petition and share it with others to take down the offensive page!

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