Off Leash Dog Park in Ironwood Crossing

Debra Allen
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The goal of this petition is to support the construction of an enclosed, off-leash dog park in a centralized, convenient location within the Ironwood Crossing subdivision. This park would be a designated area where residents and their well-behaved canine citizens can exercise and have fun in a clean, safe environment. It will be designed to satisfy the needs of dog-owners and non-dog owners alike, as a well exercised dog is a more content, stable dog.

In many cities, dog parks are very common. However, there are no public dog parks anywhere within a 30 minute drive of Ironwood Crossing. And consider this: parks increase the livability of and provide for a better sense of community. The more variety of parks an area has, the higher its property values tend to be.

Therefore, we are asking that Ironwood Crossing allow the construction of a dog park for the following reasons:

- There is not a current public dog park in our area to accommodate safe, off-leash dog activities.

- Such a park would allow families with dogs to spend more quality time with their pets, while increasing opportunities for residents to interact with their neighbors and help create a sense of community.

- Many residences of Ironwood Crossing include canines; however, not all of these have a yard where their dogs can spend time outside.

- Socializing dogs is very beneficial to the community, since it makes them less skittish and can mitigate aggressive behavior when meeting other dogs and people.

-There are unconstructed areas of Ironwood Crossing which are dedicated for Parks. We are only asking to reserve one of these areas for our canine companions.

Your support in this endeavor is greatly appreciated. If you are in favor of the establishment of a dog park in Ironwood Crossing, please sign the petition.

Thank you.



January 7
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