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Isaiah O'Bryant
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My name is Isaiah O'Bryant and im a single father of one trying to finally fly straight and follow the district/court rules by getting a drivers license.Ive been without a license for the past 15 years of my life fighting suspensions and surcharges...I finally was cleard from my outstanding surcharge fees from 2000 due to me filing for the indigent program.If i wouldve known about the program years ago i wouldve took advantage of it knowing i couldnt afford the payments....now im clear and able to go to dps im still being denied of a SR-22...The only way for me to recieve a SR-22 is through the District Clerk by filing for a Occupational License .Im really in need of a license mam or sir so i can avoid getting tickets!!! when my job and where i live is off the bus line having me no choice but to take a chance,,,and your honor im through and tired of taking chances....i would like another chance, and live right by the rules and regulations DPS requires.




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