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Operation Bring Our Troops Home

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To: Our Leaders We, the undersigned citizens of the United States , would like to take this opportunity to ask that you put and end to the War in Iraq as we reaffirm out commitment to achieving peace through humanitarian assistance and open dialogue. When the war began years ago, so many Americans supported you with-out a doubt. It has been several years now, over 3603 dead, thousands more injured, and families, leaders and our country torn apart. While we understand your position, we also understand it is our children, our husbands, wives and families who are dieing over there, we are paying the price for war and the cost is much too high to let it go on any longer. This war was suppose to be a war on terror, not one of financial gain and power as it has turned out to be among you, our leaders. Our reason for invading Iraq , a fabricated justification for war is no longer viable. We, the family and friends of American soldiers are shouldering the cost of war monetarily and most importantly we are the ones left the task of trying to heal the bodily and mental destruction of the brave men and women who return from this war. We are also the families and friends of the soldiers who have died, those who can never be replaced in our hearts. As we count the casualties of this war how can we justify staying the course When the first drop of American blood was shed, when the first American soldier was killed in the civil war which engulfs Iraq , the United States lost this war and we continue to lose more and more each day. If you truly cared about the troops, you would not leave them in a conflict for which there is no military solution. It is time to bring our troops home to safety with honor. I ask not only for myself, but for my fellow Americans as well, to please commit to a date for our Troops to pull-out of Iraq . Many have supported you, we trusted you and stood by you, but the time has come that we can no longer support this war and the decisions that are being made. As a majority we do not believe it is in the best interest of our beautiful country. We do support our loved ones and our soldiers without a doubt, but the time has come to end the blood-shed and the loss of innocent lives. While we are all aware of the extensions, and that a pull-out will not happen right away, we would at least like a commitment from you as to a pull-out date. It is time for leadership with integrity and courage. Until then, we would like to ask that you start providing the much needed supplies and equipment, food and water our troops so desperately need. We also would like to ask that you take a look at the soldiers currently deploying and make sure they are being properly trained and not rushed through deployment. Our soldiers are also entitled to leave and it is imperative that they get the leave they deserve before deployment to spend with their families and children, as many have been and are being deployed with very little or no leave time. And last, we would like to ask that you request all of our American Flags to be flown at half-mast until our soldiers come home. This will show the families that have lost a loved one during this war and the soldier who gave his life the respect they deserve from the American people and the leaders of our country. Sincerely, Your Fellow Americans This petition will be mailed (both in snail and email format) by: July 4th, 2007 to our Leaders. Petition closes June 15, 2007. If you support our efforts, please add your signature and comments below.


I am the Proud Army Mom of a U.S. Soldier. I am married and have six children. My husband and I live near Houston Texas.
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