Rockaways Need for NYPD Argus Cameras Petition

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We The residents of the Rockaways being concerned about the violence that has been plaguing our community are requesting the NYPD to install Argus cameras along Rockaway Beach Blvd from Beach 84th St.-Beach 90th St to help support uniformed & investigative personnel.

There have been numerous shootings in the area and the residents of Hammels Houses, Dayton Apartment Buildings and local homeowners are being held hostage in their own homes because of it. There is a lack of Economic Development and current retailers struggle to attract new customers because of the crime levels. These cameras are a deterrent and have been very effective at lowering violence throughout the city. Not only are these cameras a deterrent, they also help identify suspects who commit crimes, and assist in their prosecution once apprehended. With the instillation of Argus cameras around the area of the Hammels Development it will greatly reduce the violence in our neighborhood and assist the Police Department in its further reduction of crime and improvement in the quality of life for the residents of the Rockaway community.

Please take the time to sign this petition and feel free to forward it to members of our community to sign. Together we can ensure we get the public safety service we deserve.

Note: Your e-mail address will not appear on the public petition page, but it is required in order for your vote to count. Please sign this petition, and fill out all the requested information. Without all the required information your vote will not be valid.


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