HELP !!! NYC turning into a Ghost Town!!!

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We NYC citizens are up in arms!!!!

What used to be a proud bubbly economic epicenter of the USA has now turned into a Ghost Town! Between President Obama prioritizing on everything else before jobs & economy commuters  coming into work in Manhattan have literally visibly disappeared.
On top of that Mayor Bloomberg's all- about- revenue policy has turned away most visitors
with the high tolls, parking fees and fines. Folks simply can't afford to come into NY anymore! I invite everyone who has the least amount of sentiment/ attachment to NYC to join me in this petition!!

As remedy the Federal Government could devise some innovative tax break to save small businesses jsut like they did with the tarp money for the Big Guys. For Mayor Bloomberg
he should preseerve  NYC's popularity and uniqueness by implementing policies that are affordable
and welcoming to out of towners. The City will sure attribute its legendary credit to
him for keeping it the multi- facted and cutural melting pot with more  business- friendly
strategies in place.




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