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NYC Field Test Boycott Letter of Endorsement

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Letter of Endorsement of the NYC Field Test Boycott

We the undersigned, education researchers and scholars from across the United States and abroad support the New York City families in their decision to boycott the field test from October 23 to 25.

Commissioned by New York State and developed by NCS Pearson, Inc., the test development relies upon (1) student labor without parent consent, (2) valuable class time, and (3) tax payer money to try out questions for future standardized tests. The for-profit testing company, NCS Pearson charges New York State 7 million dollars, of which 30% is allocated for field tests. As New York City public schools struggle to provide resources for every child, citizens are paying a billion dollar corporation to develop its products, which the state will then purchase.

With this letter, we join over 1,000 New York State professors and over 1,500 New York school principals, who have voiced objections to high-stakes testing in open letters to the New York State Regents.

As parents and students know, high-stakes testing can be stressful and can be hard on everyone. Beyond this, the research on high-stakes testing [1] is clear; among the many issues we highlight the following. High-stakes standardized testing:

  • Does not improve learning or teaching;
  • Does not accurately measure student achievement. Furthermore, all statistical measurements contain errors;
  • Narrows curriculum by forcing teachers to prepare students for the test, and reduces the rich enterprise of teaching and learning to a number;
  • Produces data on schools and students that is used to stratify schools and limit students' educational access instead of ensuring sound basic education for all;
  • Is especially harmful for students with special needs, as well as students from low income, racially minoritized, and English language learning backgrounds.


As researchers and scholars dedicated to education that cultivates and sustains democracy, we oppose high-stakes testing. We stand in solidarity with the brave families who are participating the Field Test Boycott of October 2012. [2]

[1] For more information on the evidence of standardized testing, see our wiki (

[2] If you would like to continue this conversation, please visit Edu4 (



1. Adam Howard, Chair of the Bergamo Conference

2. Daiyu Suzuki, Teachers College, Columbia University

3. Arlo Kempf, University of California, Los Angeles

4. M Francyne Huckaby, Texas Christian University

5. Isabel Nunez, Concordia University Chicago

6. Bill Ayers, University of Illinois at Chicago

7. Joe Ohlinger University of Chicago at Illinois

8. Brenna Barlow, University of Illinois at Chicago

9. Cristyne Herbert, York University

10. Herbert Hough, SUNY-Buffalo

11. Dennis Carlson

12. Leigh Chiarelott, University of Toledo

13. Nicholas Krebs, Purdue University

14. Todd Alan Price, National Louis University

15. Jake Burdick, Purdue University

16. Karen Sandlos, School of the Art Institute of Chicago

17. Carmen Scalfaro, Miami University

18. Jocelyn Weeda, Miami University

19. Kelly Waldrop, Miami University

20. Tom Poetter, Miami University

21. Ajay Sharma, University of Georgia

22. Jane Kenway, Monash University

23. Tracey Pyscher, University of Minnesota

24. Peter Hilton, Saint Xavier University Chicago

25. Nastaran Karim, Purdue University

26. Kaddriye El-Atwani, Purdue University

27. Antonio Garcia, Indiana University

28. Tom Kelly, John Carroll University

29. Marsha Heck, Indiana University South Bend

30. Zachary Pierson, University of Minnesota

31. Jules Meremestein, Arcadia University

32. Susan Adams, Butler University

33. Jamie Buffington-Adams, Indiana University East

34. Shannon White, Indiana University IUPUI

35. Jeanne Vamlaan, Wayne State University

36. Richard C. Pipan, Oakland University

37. Danielle Klein, Louisiana State University

38. Warren Crichlow, York University

39. Deborah Wilcox, Confluency Consultants

40. Aziz Alamri, Kent State University

41. Roland K Arter, University of Akron

42. Ahmed Alsaghiar, Kent State University

43. Jim Henderson, Kent State University

44. Sabrina Ross, Georgia Southern University

45. Sandra Conrad, National Louis University

46. Karen Sarasin, National Louis University

47. Marcello Isaaco, Kent State

48. Darlene Gonzales-Galindo, Arizona State University

49. Sonia Janis, University of Georgia

50. Mary Doll, School of Art and Design

51. Marla Morris, Georgia Southern University

52. William H. Schubert, University of Illinois at Chicago

53. Jason Ware, Purdue University

54. Nick Knebs, Purdue University

55. Jubin Rahatzad, Purdue University

56. Sandro Barros, DePauw University

57. Peter Appelbaum, Arcadia University

58. Sunguon Shin, Indiana University

59. Cathy KW Shin, Indiana University

60. Dinny Risri Aletheiani, Arizona State University

61. Michael Bae, Buffalo State

62. Joseph Watras

63. Debbie Seltzer, Wabash College

64. Seungho Moon, Oklahoma State University

65. Nancy Spillane, George Washington University

66. Reiko Akiyama, Purdue University

67. Shanon Lindsay Toth, Southern Illinois University Carbondale

68. Carl B. Anleson, Penn State University

69. Serina A. Cinnamon, Southern Illinois University Carbondale

70. Teya Yu, SUNY Buffalo

71. Kelly Vaughn, University of Illinois at Chicago

72. Brian Lozenski, University of Minnesota

73. Chris Loeffler, Arcadia University

74. Jillian Ford, Kennesaw State University

75. Jinting Wu, University of Wisconsin Madison

76. Hanna Sasser, Purdue University

77. Rachell S. Harper, University of Illinois at Chicago

78. Norm Friesen, Thompson Rivers University

79. Anna V. Wilson, Chapman University

80. Timothy Leonard, Xavier University (Cincinnati)

81. Gabriel Huddleston, Indiana University

82. Jory Brass, Arizana State University

83. Janae Dimick, Chapman University



84. Beth Pittard, University of Georgia

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