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My fellow classmate Joseph Brendlinger discovered something that might change the world as we know it, during a Fiber Optics experiment. He discovered that the speed of light is faster than the actual speed of light. Mind blowing right? I think so too.

We all think that the speed of light is 3E8 but he calculated it to be 3.2E8. Crazy right? Think of all the mathematics used with this wrong value?
The calculations he did were crazy. He triple integrated a triple integral of a triple integral and he did a triple integral on top of it. Afterwards, he looked at the laser beam that was set up in the lab and with his eye sight he came up with this number.
Superman maybe? I'll let you decide but one thing is for sure, this guy is very credible(Don't confuse it with cretin). He is the same guy that came up with the idea that Absolute Zero is actually Absolute Infinity. Unfortunately, he did not get the Nobel prize for 2013 for this discovery, but he was very close to it. I say we sign this petition just to make sure he wins the prize this year so please help this genius to his righteous place.
Thank you and vote Joe for president if he ever runs for election.





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