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Nukes and your future

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During the Cold War, nuclear weapons became the backbone of the hostilities between the United States and the Soviet Union. At the peak of the arms race, these two countries possessed about 75,000 nuclear weapons combined. Eventually, the leadership of these countries realized that a war fought with nuclear weapons would mean an end to humanity and possibly an end to all life on Earth. From there, movements began to question the legitimacy of such weapons. Their development was limited and we moved towards dismantling of the massive stockpile. Only after several decades of expansion then the reduction of weapons, it appeared humanity dodged the catastrophe of nuclear annihilation. Approximately 25 years ago and at the end of the Cold War, many believed humanity would not face that situation again.

Yet, today, we find ourselves at a critical juncture where the dawn of a new nuclear arms race is real -- both between the superpowers of old and new nations.Far too many of us are unaware of the threats that nuclear weapons possess as we go about our lives undeterred by the saber rattling of world leaders. We are unaware of the consequences of not only using nuclear weapons, but also possessing nuclear weapons. We are unaware of the cost of developing and maintaining nuclear weapons --of which can never be justified. Yet, people of the world do not question this and they do not question the legitimacy of nuclear weapons use.

Moreover, several world leaders have embarked in dangerous actions and rhetoric regarding the development and deployment of nuclear weapons. This rhetoric attempts to legitimize what is illegitimate. Citizens of the world must stand up to leaders of the world who try to legitimize nuclear weapons. Citizens of the world must provide a moral compass regarding nuclear weapons. Nuclear weapons must be condemned. If the world leaders do not have the capacity to understand the dangerous and reckless implications of their actions, the people must come together to DEMAND their leaders and all the leaders address the grave concerns of Nuclear Weapons.

Citizens of the World

Universal Declaration

Against the Development of, Acquisition of, the Possession of, and the Use of Nuclear Weapons.

We as Citizens of the World come together to condemn Nuclear Weapons

• Nuclear Weapons should serve no place in our world and must be eliminated.

• The use of Nuclear Weapons are immoral and unethical and can never be legitimately justified.

• The development and the possession of Nuclear Weapons leads to geopolitical instability and threatens world peace.

• The threat of nuclear weapons accidents and sabotage are realistic threats with potential catastrophic consequences; therefore, possession of nuclear weapons must be morally and ethically condemned.

• Nuclear Arms races and nuclear weapons proliferation waste valuable societal resources as such weapons can never be legitimately used and therefore waste resources that can be used to address societal needs.

We as Citizens of the World DEMAND our leaders and all leaders of the world immediately begin to:

• Advocate against those who are engaged in the development of nuclear weapons to stop all such activities.

• Make it a political and policy priority to take actions towards the elimination of all Nuclear Weapons.

• Advocate for governments to stop wasting resources on the development, acquisition and/or deployment of nuclear weapons.

• Morally condemn those individuals and countries that believe there can ever be a legitimate use of nuclear weapons.

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